Clearing Up My Skin

I just look awful – I have awful spots and severe dryness (I know, how the eff do you end up with that combination??), and it’s gone on for weeks on end. I’m shying away from the camera and embarrassed every time I have to talk to someone.

I’ve done a TON of research (this site was especially helpful: – especially about getting natural light and enough exercise), and starting Saturday I’m going for 100% clean eating. I’ve got NO excuses any more – nausea has almost gone and I’m feeling almost healthy again after my viral/sinusitis thing.

I’m also going to put the Fitbit back on and start walking more – a LOT more.

Exercise, fresh air, and healthy food. I’ve been juicing again, most days, and I think that has helped, but I’m still eating chocolate and fruit every day and I think it’s just too much sugar. I’ve had a spend-up on Amazon (thanks to the husband who got a bumper load of vouchers via his credit card), and ordered some dairy/gluten free recipe books for ideas and I’m re-reading a couple of the Primal/Paleo books I already own.


I’m sick of looking this way.

I’ll post before and after shots IF my after shots look any good.

I simply can’t post my before pics right now because I look too awful and it will make me cry.

Wish me luck – I need to plan out what on earth I’m going to eat!

Day 11/90 Falling In LOVE With Exercise

Something has happened. In the space of a few short days I have gone from desperate irritability to sunshiney happiness.

Something else has happened. I am loving exercise. I am looking forward to it, enjoying it while I do it, feeling great afterwards and just loving that feeling that I am making my body stronger and healthier every time I move it. Glorious!

I did a yoga-based class at 8pm last night, and I had the creche booked for a 9am gym session this morning. I haven’t been able to exercise like this for years – literally years. The tiredness, the aching, the muscle-soreness – it all just added up and stopped me from doing anything of any real intensity for any duration.

But somehow, something about completely cutting out sugar (including fruit and grains) and eating a TON of protein and fat, has changed not only my energy levels to be more consistent, but it has allowed me to recover within hours of an exercise session.

Before now, every time I did anything, I would be wiped out for the rest of the day. Exhausted on the sofa. Too tired to do anything. The next two days I would mope about with sore muscles.

Now, when I exercise, I am fine. By bedtime, I don’t feel any different to how I do on a day where I don’t exercise. I am recovering incredibly well.

I wonder if perhaps all these body-builders with their protein obsessions are actually spot-on, because I have run, weight-lifted, yoga-posed and swam from a cold start over the last 11 days and I haven’t had anything more than the mildest muscle soreness as a result. I feel so strong and healthy – and I’ve only just started! I have never felt like this when I’ve started exercising after a break.

I’m thinking about booking some one-to-one sessions so I can get to grips with the free weights. I am thinking I could actually, for the first time in my life, exercise 5+ times a week without having to give up from sheer exhaustion.

It is amazing.

And I am so excited to see where I’ll be in a month, or two months, and how my body will morph into something leaner and stronger than it currently is.

Who would have thought that this would be a side effect of eating the way I am?

CD4 Bored of All This TTC Stuff

It feels like I haven’t written anything for an age.

The weather has been sunny and I’ve been in recovery from the arrival of my last period. Each month it seems to get harder to pick myself up.

And to top it all off, this cycle my period lasted 1.5 days. I’m usually a 3/4 day kind of girl, so now I’m thinking that my uterus just isn’t making a decent enough lining for implantation to occur (or stick, since it seems to have occurred 3 times this year, albeit briefly).

I always like to have a plan for the month, so this month it’s twofold: getting back to eating lots of raw food, and increasing my intake of grass-fed meat and free range organic eggs (a bit of a primal eating plan I guess).

I’m wondering if I’m deficient in something vital (especially after such a scant bleed), so figured I need some animal products to boost my wellbeing. I suffered quite badly with anaemia as a child so perhaps have a tendency towards it.

So, after two days I am feeling less lethagic and miserable, the fridge is stocked with various animal products and a ton of fruit and veg after this morning’s shop and onward we go into the 15th month since we started trying for no.3.

Gluten Free Day 11


Just wanted to post a quick update about how going gluten free is going for me.

It’s been 11 days now and to be perfectly honest, I’ve only really noticed on a couple of occasions that I’m not eating gluten.

I think this shows how well my general diet has progressed over the last 18 months.

Dietary transition

In December 2011 I made a resolution that the whole family would eat more vegetables (we were very carb heavy, and had been for years). We started getting an organic veg box delivery initially, but that didn’t work as I found there was too much wastage. Instead I upped the veg quantity that I bought each week at the supermarket and tried to add vegetables to every meal (with varying degrees of success).

Then I read Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint last summer and it had a big effect on me. We started eating meals that had double vegetable servings instead of pasta. It worked really well, we both enjoyed it and it just sort of stuck. We aren’t primal – the whole family (including me until 11 days ago) still eats bread (home made), but the book did adjust how I looked at a plate of food.

My quest to eat more raw has seen a further demise of gluten – I switched from sandwiches at lunchtime to salads and nuts, salmon, cheese and egg. This isn’t as convenient as a cheese sandwich, but I feel a lot better for eating more raw, so it’s almost become a habit now.

I cut right down on breakfast cereals quite a long time ago, after reading Eat Your Heart Out by Felicity Lawrence. I switched to muesli initially, but very occasionally found a rancid nut, which really disturbed me (if you ever eat a rancid nut, you will know about it).

From there I turned to chopping some nuts and seeds into a bowl with fruit and yoghurt, and that’s what I’ve eaten every morning for a long time.

At dinner time sometimes I make pasta, but I double up the veg for me (broccoli and cauliflower are great substitutes with tomatoey sauces). We’ve also become a big fan of organic roast potatoes (in their skins!) recently. So much easier to do than I thought, and they taste fantastic with a generous handful of rosemary.

So all in all, it’s been pretty easy.

And how do I feel?


My stomach is so, so much flatter.

I don’t have weird digestive cramps and bloating after eating.

I lost a big chunk of weight in the first few days, but none since.

Overall I think it’s the right thing for me. I’m not strict about cross-contamination and checking every little detail, but generally not eating bread, pasta, cakes and pastries is working really well.

I haven’t bothered with a single gluten free “substitute” as I am not convinced that bread, pasta, cakes, pastries, etc. are that great for you anyway.

For me I see it as more of a dietary choice than a dietary restriction.

And I can still eat poppadoms with curry, which is great 😉

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