My Chart So Far

So, this morning my temperature shot up.

Now… this could be a coincidence…

But all my ovulation signs are there – fertile cm that dried up yesterday, pain/twinges in my ovaries, sore boobs, and two days of positive opks, followed by a negative opk. Also, my spotting has stopped completely today.

My pregnancy test this morning was the equivalent of an evaporation line – the kind of test that if you get during the two week wait, you spend hours contemplating and wondering if it actually means anything. I’ve marked it as positive, because I know that the teeny shadow I can see means there is a tiny amount of HCG still leaving my body. I’m certain it will be officially negative tomorrow.


Note the temp I’ve ignored on 1st January? That’s because I drank loads the night before which always affects my reading in the morning. Hic.

Anyway, so I think I’ve ovulated. Nine days after my full-on bleed.

I also think that the sac came away inside when I had all the bleeding, but just didn’t make it’s way out of my body until Saturday. I didn’t get any bleeding when it finally (and so surprisingly) came out, which would imply it had just been sitting there for a while.

If this is true (which I really hope it is), then it means I am back in the two week wait. Hurrah! DH and I talked about it this morning and we decided we’re not going to be disappointed if nothing comes of this (well, okay, I will be, but whatever).

I’m really pleased about this – shall I tell you why?

Of course I will.

I’m super-pleased about this because TTC is all about


That’s just what we do. We wait, we wait, and we wait some f*cking more. Nothing ever happens quickly. Ever.

So to suddenly be faced with the prospect of sailing into a two week wait when I was still vaguely wondering what had happened inside my body with the miscarriage is quite simply, awesome.

And not only that, but when I got pregnant with my first son it was immediately following a miscarriage at 6w5d. I ovulated then on day 12. So I feel kind of lucky at the moment. And you know how everyone always tells you you are more fertile after a loss.

Now, you watch as my temp plummets tomorrow and the universe laughs at my pain. Hah!

No. That’s not going to happen.

Good thoughts only!

This morning’s POAS adventures

I’ve been checking my pregnancy test results over the last week, waiting for a clear negative, because I thought that meant we’d be back to square one with regard to trying again.

However, yesterday evening, even though I am still spotting from the miscarriage, it was (TMI warning!) very stretchy and shiny – i.e. my body seemed to be producing fertile cervical mucus.

So this morning at about 10:30am I did a pregnancy test AND an ovulation test at the same time. Yeah, I know. It’s crazy to be peeing on two different kinds of tests during one wee, right?

And this is what I got:


The top test is for LH – a definite positive. The bottom test is for HCG – a faint positive.

I didn’t think you could ovulate until the HCG cleared your system*. I’ve read that you can get a positive OPK when you are pregnant (apparently the difference between LH and HCG is down to a few amino acids and LH tests can detect HCG, but HCG tests cannot detect LH – weird eh? Never tested this myself, but that’s the theory). Anyway, my pregnancy test result is clearly very faint – so I wouldn’t expect it to affect the OPK so much. I’d put myself on cycle day 8, given my temp/bleeding pattern so this is a bit of a mystery.

I do have a bit of ovary pain, which I’d assumed was post-miscarriage stuff, but actually it is the same swollen feeling I usually get during ovulation.

Well, we let the kids watch a movie and dtd anyway, just in case. It’s not like I’ve got any time to waste. I’ll see what my temperature does over the next couple of days.

*Although, thinking about it, don’t fertility clinics use HCG as a trigger to prompt ovulation? If that’s the case, then HCG should exacerbate the ovulatory response, not inhibit it?

How To Miss Your LH Surge With OPKs

I’ve noticed the last couple of cycles that my LH surge has been much shorter. This month has been the shortest so far and I wanted to post some pictures to show how easy it is to miss your surge if you follow the traditional instructions.

OK, so opk tests tell you to check once a day from a few days before your expected fertile window. I tend to test around 2pm as you don’t have to use FMU.

So here are today’s and yesterday’s opk tests:


Both are clearly negative, right?

So, if I was going on these alone, I’d be assuming my surge hadn’t happened and then I would get a temp jump and say WTF? I ovulated without even getting a surge this month!

But then look at what happens when I test more than once every 24 hours:


There’s my positive – in the middle at 7am this morning. Note that these tests are now dry, and the lines were all darker when they were read within the limits. The middle one was clearly positive this morning (although it does look borderline now).

So there you go.

How can you make sure you don’t miss your surge?

  1. Test daily, at the same time, from around 6 days before you anticipate ovulation.
  2. As soon as you see a line that is slightly darker than the first test you took, test every 4 hours (3 times per day).
  3. Don’t worry about how much you drink, or how long you hold: I’ve drunk litres of water before testing and tested an hour after the last go and the surge still shows.
  4. Remember that the surge may happen 2-3 days before ovulation, or as little as 12 hours before ovulation.

Two and a half years of opk fun condensed into one post.

Have fun!

CD14 And A Positive OPK

I’ve been having quite bad ovulation pain this month, so I thought it was imminent, but it’s held out until today. I finally got a positive OPK overnight.

I say finally – it is only CD14. I tend to O on or before CD14, so it felt like a bit of a wait.

I actually have nothing at all to share apart from the rather uninspiring news of my positive OPK, but I just wanted to write a post anyway.

It’s two years this weekend since my (let’s get this right), first miscarriage after my second baby.

The really big miscarriage where I almost bled to death and nobody called or visited me afterwards.

This time last year (on the one year anniversary), I was, to be quite frank, a total emotional mess.

And in that post I wrote:

What if someone told me today that this time next year I still would not be pregnant.

Fucking hell. It really has been a whole year, and not only am I still not fucking pregnant, but I have another late first trimester miscarriage to add to the body count.

Do you find that the drop off in oestrogen after you ovulate makes you miserable?

I do. I get two brief rounds of “PMT” each month. One immediately after ovulation, and one a day or two before my period.

It’s shit.

So, I guess I’ve got an egg either on the way out, or freshly emerged floating around in my fallopian tube right now.

And that egg is going to be fertilised, because most of the time that happens without any problem.


That egg is going to be fertilised the second it emerges if it hasn’t been already, since DH and I have already ensured half a billion sperm have had a chance to get into the venue.

I’ll be doing a highly scientific early testing protocol this month. Ha.

Cause it only takes one good egg. Right?

Mid-Cycle Update

I don’t really have anything to write about, but these things are on my mind, so I thought I’d scribble them down while I had a chance.

The summer hols are here in two days, and I have the boys 24/7 for 6 weeks, so I won’t be at the computer much until September comes around. Also, this blog is a really accurate diary for me, of our journey and our struggles, so it seems right to update when we are actively ‘trying’.

Our fertility clinic appointment is on 8th August. And my period is due on the 6th August (must check cancellation policy…).

This month, we’re in with enthusiasm:

  • GLUTEN FREE for almost 3 months now 🙂
  • I’m drinking a ton of water each day
  • No alcohol
  • Trace amounts of caffeine (white tea only)
  • Daily green smoothies
  • Lots of fruit and veg
  • Less meat
  • Vitamins and probiotics
  • Daily meditation
  • Lots of BD (obviously)

Also, my latest craze (’cause you know I’m crazy about natural methods), is lunaception. Basically you leave a dim light on three days a month, and then sleep in (as close as) total darkness the rest of the month. Apparently, women’s bodies tend to cycle with the moon (ovulate on full, bleed on new), and it can help irregular cycles, etc. etc.

I already have cycles like clockwork – I’ve been a 29 day girl all my life. But I thought about it a lot, and apparently farmers sow crops with the new moon because it makes their roots grow stronger. Isn’t that amazing? And midwives say maternity wards tend to be busier around the full moon… So I wondered about the effects of the pull of the moon on the human body… and you know, I’m not heavily into this kind of woo woo thing, but what if there is something in it?

So, instead of just leaving a light on for three days from day 14, we’re actually going with the REAL moon cycles and sleeping with the curtains open for three nights a month on the three nights around the actual full moon.

At the moment, I’m quite a long way out from ovulating on the full moon, but I’ll update on this further down the line.


DH is on his way home tonight with sperm friendly lubricant (and I didn’t even ask him to buy it – how cool is that?), which we’re also going to try out.

I’ve got a faint line on my opk, so ovulation should be within the next few days.

Isn’t this exciting?

Can you believe it’s still something I am interested in after 27 months and 5 miscarriages?

No, neither can I.

But I have a good feeling about all this, all of a sudden.

So we’re going with it and we’ll see where it takes us.

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