I don’t know what it is about this blog that makes me come back to it. I’ve been feeling more and more that I have absolutely no idea what the point of it is.

I mean the point of this blog, rather than the point of blogging. I find writing these posts tends to clear my thoughts and I like how it lays down a record of my life (albeit in anonymous form).

But my organised, logical brain feels that I should have some kind of focus, and it just hasn’t happened that way. I started this to record Life With 3 Kids, but due to citcumstances found I was writing about minimalism, healthy eating, making your own beauty products, TTC, my emotional state and eveything but its original purpose.

Maybe now I can blog as I originally intended… but I have hundreds (literally!) of posts scattered over all sorts of topics. It just seems disjointed.

I’ve never been interested in stats or increasing my readership. In fact, it astonishes me that some of you have stuck with me for so long, given everything I ramble about on here.

So why I am still doing this?

The thing is, I spend a fair proportion of time writing posts and nosing into other people’s lives, so it feels like there should be a point. A plan. A focus. A big idea.

[big sigh]

I don’t know.

Why do you all blog? Is it for the love of it? Do you hope to make a bigger and more successful blog? To earn an income if possible?

Why do we all do this?

I am searching for meaning!

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