Lakeside 5k Series 5/5

After the last Lakeside race, and the death of my uncle, and all the sleep deprivation, I threw the towel in yesterday and said I’m done.

I told the husband I was categorically not going to run the last race in the Lakeside series.

This morning a friend who had also signed up sent me a text. She’d just got back from two weeks in the US, and she was jetlagged and sleep-deprived (she’s a working mum of two).

She said she was thinking of running and asked if I was going to run. I said I’d do it if she did it. We did it! We braved the hoard of super-athletic runners from South East England and we ran our little hearts out.

It was altogether a friendlier race tonight, and the Marshall wasn’t packing up when I came around the corner either. However, life has taken its toll because I pushed hard but came in at around 30:58. I was TIRED. It was HARD. My friend set a PB after a fast start and struggling on the second lap – she did brilliantly.

I came home and hoovered up a huge plate of leftover spag bol and had a big glass of wine. It’s the first run I’ve done in 10 days and I am so glad to be back at it. I can’t really say I enjoyed tonight, because I honestly wanted to stop all the way round and go home, but I felt great afterwards.

I have another 5k race booked next weekend, and then after that a 10k trail run, with hills (omg). I am going to try to eat a bit better over the next couple of weeks. I can’t control the sleep thing, but I can at least try to fuel my forgiving body properly.

I am absolutely certain that I am reaching the limit of improvement with my current lifestyle (my time is pretty much the same as it was 9 weeks ago on race 3/5). I’ve been hovering around the same weight for over a year and I am just not feeling very energetic and healthy. I know how important diet is… for some reason it’s the one piece of the puzzle I find so hard to put together.

Week 11: Training Log

week 11 training log

Week 11: w/c 26th June 2017.

It was a great training week for me last week. I got another PB at parkrun, and I also got a PB at a 5k race on Wednesday evening. I’m expecting this week to be very slow in comparison as my legs feel quite tired.

I’ve just started a new healthy eating challenge that runs for three weeks, organised by a local nutritional therapist. I’ve finished day one and eaten more protein that I normally eat in three days, so that will help my muscle recovery 🙂

Super pleased with last week, and heading to the three month mark of consistent training, which is something I haven’t managed for years.


Very easy 6km, lovely run, meandered around the village.




5km race. 30:39 PB!


6km walk (I usually run on a Thursday as I work from home that day, but my legs were still sore from the previous evening).




Parkrun 5km – parkrun PB 31:36


Rest (and tired)

My First Race in 3.5 Years

first 5k race in 3.5 years

Last night I ran a 5k race.

It’s a local race series that has five runs, each one month apart, and it takes place every year from April to August.

It’s heavily attended by runners from all the running clubs in the area and the results list contains some pretty impressive times. A friend of mine was running in it, having been building up her running over the last few months, so I decided to join her. Last night was the third race in the series and we were feeling pretty nervous after seeing the results. The slowest time from over a hundred runners in race 1 was 31:45 , which is faster than my best parkrun this year.

The race started at 7:15pm, so I had all day to feel worried about how I was going to do. I ate a massive lunch because I didn’t want to have dinner before running and then spent most of the afternoon wishing I’d eaten less because my stomach was so full. When we arrived everybody was super-fit looking. I was grateful to pin my run number over my slightly wobbly baby-belly because there were some super-flat abs wandering around.

My friend and I followed everyone else to the start (we weren’t sure where it even began), and we hoped we’d still be able to follow the course when everybody else had run off into the distance and we had no fellow runners to guide us. The route turned out to be really well-marked, which I was grateful for.

Suddenly we were off and everyone surged ahead – they were all SO fast! After I’d been running for about 14 minutes I saw a sign that said 400 metres to go. I was really out of breath and my brain seemed to have stopped working – for a moment I thought I had somehow sprinted 5k in 14 minutes and I was going to be one of the first finishers. I was even more confused when people started clapping and cheering. My brain couldn’t deduce what was happening until a runner went past me and I finally realised we were doing two laps and he had already run it twice, while I still had 2.5km to go.

At that point I think I psychologically took a bit of a dive because I much prefer to run a route that doesn’t repeat (not to mention being lapped by the winner), and to know that I had another lap of what I’d just covered still to run made me feel so tired. However, I carried on and just kept putting one foot in front of the other.

My legs felt strong, but my lungs were burning – what held me back was a lack of lung capacity I think. The kilometres ticked away on the Garmin I’d borrowed from the husband and the last one felt so long. At the 400 metres sign, second time around, I knew I should be picking up speed, but I felt really tired by that point. I checked my time and I had about 90 seconds to go before the 30 minutes mark. I tried to put a bit more into it, but I was running out of power.

Finally the finish crept into sight and I put on a spurt for probably the last 20 meters. I knew I hadn’t broken 30 minutes, but it wasn’t loads over. My official time was 30:39 which I am actually really, really chuffed with. My friend did amazingly and was ahead of me for most of the race, coming in just 5 seconds shy of a sub 30.

The last race I ran was at the same site – they sometimes run a prologue to the series in the winter and that was the one I did in December 2013. My time back then was 30:56, which means three and half years (and one baby) on, I am 17 seconds quicker. Not bad in my book.

The fourth race in this series is in a month’s time. I am going to push for a sub-30 time in July – it’s a goal I’ve had for so long and it will be so great to achieve it. But even if I miss it, I get one more shot in August. I will get there!