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A bit of a longer one today. Getting used to talking to myself, haha!

Actually, I really wish that I’d taken video of myself talking years ago. I think it would have had a huge impact on my presentation skills when I was working in a corporate environment.

I’ve noticed that in addition to the “er”s that I have to edit out (trying not to say them is hard – I must have done it unknowingly for years), I also smack my lips together now and again as a kind of punctation mark (who does that? it’s weird!). And I lick my lips all the time. No wonder they are always dry and peeling. I’ve edited a lot of these ‘ticks’ out to save you the pain of my annoying habits.

It’s funny, because these things are things that everyone that knows me will just know as part of my character and the way I talk, but to me they really stand out as annoying and unnecessary. It’s a quite a shock when you watch yourself talking and you realise that you are nothing like you think you are in your head.

I’ll log once more before Monday, to talk about my food diary. Then it’s all systems go.

I have to admit that I am a bit worried about how hard it’s going to be. In addition to not eating all my favourite food, eating healthier requires:

i. time
ii. organisation
iii. preparation
iv. lots of trial and error, and
v. loads of motivation and persistence and resilience and other things that I struggle with

But all of these are reasons are why I am going to be working with a nutritional therapist on a weekly basis for the next three months. So it’s all under control. Right?

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  1. How exciting!!! I’ve been watching tons of food documentaries, and several of them mention healing arthritis with diet. I can’t wait to hear what your results are!!

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