Sugar and Alcohol


I confess – things have been quite hard over the last week or so. I always seem to waver in my commitment around ovulation time. I’m not sure if it’s the psychological acspect of the impending significant event, or a hormonal thing that makes me crave bad things.

I’ve had more alcohol in the last two weeks than I have had all year. And I’ve gotten a taste for white chocolate and eaten miles too much of it.

The alcohol amounts to a glass of red wine on five separate occasions in the last fortnight. I guess it’s not really that much, but I feel like I’m slipping into old habits. I used to drink every day. Day in, day out.

So I need to hold my head up and remember why I stopped.


  • It affects my sleep
  • It affects my skin
  • It makes me miserable and prone to tearfulness

Deep breath.

But sugar.

Man, this is the hardest, hardest thing out of everything to quit.

I’ve stopped caffeine, cut out gluten, increased raw food, cut right back on all processed foods, cut down alcohol (except for recently, ahem), but can I stay away from sugar??

No I can’t

It is so difficult.

How can I break this habit?

How can I kick this addiction?

I know excess sugar is bad for you all round – glucose is turned to fat by the liver, it destabilises your blood sugar levels leading to cravings for more and it affects your hormones and messes with your fertility.

I need to find the key to getting sugar out of my diet.

The smallest amount of it just makes me want more and more.

How can I break out of wanting it all the time?

I’m sabotaging my own efforts and it’s got to stop.

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