Sugar Addiction

I am literally sick of how much sugar I am consuming. I crave it uncontrollably all day long. I wake four or five times a night, so restless and exhausted, which I think is down to the excess sugar. My skin… oh my skin. It is awful. My confidence is shattered – it’s like I am 15 again, hiding from bright lights and from talking to people. I took a photo of my face today – it’s just awful. I can’t even post it.

I’ve just chucked away the last of the chocolate in the house. No more sugar. I know I’m now facing five days of hell as I withdraw from it, but in all honesty I am at my wits end.

So I am stepping in, over-ruling the cravings. I am not going to do this any more. I’ll let myself eat anything I can think of, but nothing with sugar in the top three ingredients.

No. More. Sugar.

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