Stupid Code

Ever have one of those days where you try over and over to achieve something and yet you never get there?

I’ve been playing with unicode strings and I can’t get them to behave at all. No matter what I do they just won’t get in line and appear where they are supposed to, in the way they are supposed to appear. Grrr. I must’ve rebuilt my code a bazillion times today and I’ve got nowhere… I mean, really, what is the point??

Tumble-dryer came today (woo hoo!). Broadband comes on the 11th. I still haven’t been to the gym yet though (shame on me).

I’m in pain today (so can’t go to the gym anyway), since I appear to have sprained my wrist with my own car. It has no power steering, and while I had huge forearms before I went to America from all the parallel parking I had to do, now I’m back, I am like a weedy sparrow and not only can I no longer park in spaces so big that I could have got two cars into them before, but I’ve also hurt myself in failing to do so.

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  1. Hi – haven’t been to the gym this year yet myself; going to start a new routine from next week when my January holiday starts (with the intention that once I go back to work, I will have settled into a routine. We shall see…).

    Thanks for the linky!

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