Striving Dove

Hurrah! My time management book turned up today. I’ve read the first 50-odd pages and it turns out I am a “striving dove”. I thought I was a striving hawk, but I was pushed into the dove category by one answer. A striving hawk gets frustrated (I do), whereas a striving dove is happier that there are always lots of things to do. I think I am borderline really.

I am also apparently a planner, not a spontaneous person. Although I was borderline on this as well.

I read an interesting bit about how labelling something as work often makes people enjoy it less, even if it is an enjoyable task (a scientist did experiments on this, paying some people to complete jigsaws, and not paying others. The ones that weren’t paid had more fun). Very interesting point that.

Haven’t got to the section yet on how to do everything in your life that you want to do, but I’m sure that’s just a few pages away…

I also have some very exciting and unexpected news… but I can’t tell you yet, as I need to clear some other stuff up before I make it public. Steve and I had champagne this evening. And for those of you already guessing, no, I’m not pregnant, nor engaged!

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