Stress Really Does Make Your Hair Fall Out

I am losing a ton of hair. If you’re a mum you might have been through that stage post-partum where suddenly you are losing hair by what feels like the handful. Have you had that?

I had it several weeks after each pregnancy – it was particularly pronounced after the boys.

For the last couple of weeks my hair loss has been as bad, if not more excessive than post-pregnancy. There is hair everywhere. On the floor, blocking the shower, in the sink, tons of it in my comb and brush. It comes out in my hands if I run my hands through my hair. The kids keep finding it on their hands and toys.

I looked it up and apparently some of your hair goes into a premature rest phase during times of physical, hormonal or emotional stress. Then, around 2 months later, it all starts to fall out.

Steve moved out at the beginning of January, so I guess this is part of the aftermath of our separation.

It’s not severe enough to cause bald patches and I have a lot of very long hair, so I’m not too worried (yet), but it’s definitely noticeable.

Funny how your body is listening and reacting quietly inside to everything that happens to you. It’s so easy to dismiss thoughts and feelings as not affecting our health, but they clearly do!

2 thoughts on “Stress Really Does Make Your Hair Fall Out”

  1. When Chad was sick and bed bound I was so stressed out that I got so many gray hairs that it was noticeable. I still have big silver patches on my head. Stress really does a number on the body. Sending love!

    • That must have been so awful to go through, I can’t imagine. It’s amazing how much the body responds to stress. The power of deep relaxation really must be so important. I know I could do with more of it – just wish it could reverse grey hair!

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