Still Not Quite Online

First entry of 2006! Happy New Year all.

We’re still awaiting broadband at home. I have lots of great plans for the site this year, but currently a big load of nothing is happening as I can’t get access to the internet except at work. Sigh. New house is lovely though, a bit more unpacking still to do.

My little bro has acquired himself a computer with Windows 95 on it, so I’m off to visit tomorrow to get the low down on upgrading and making it usable for internet and email. Hurrah!

I’m feeling very, very tired at the moment. I think it’s the post-Christmas and New Year, post-moving, post-international travel, post-all round environment change that’s making it so hard to function normally. I found myself in Sainsburys the other night with no idea what I was supposed to be buying, or in fact what anything on the shelves was actually for. Luckily Steve was there to remind me that we needed to buy things like cheese and bread and dinner, else I might have just wandered around for hours looking at cans of Bigga peas and dribbling down my jumper.

Bear with me – regular service will be resumed imminently.

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