Start of a New Month

I got my period!

This is the first one since stopping the pill, and it arrived yesterday on day 31, so I am actually really pleased that everything is working OK and I’ve not ceased ovulating or lost my regular cycle. No cramps or pain or anything either, so much, much better than the first two horrendous periods I had after giving birth (and the whole reason I started the pill in the first place – coping with contraction-like menstrual pain on 4 hours sleep a night is not my idea of fun).

So… another month to try again. Since sperm live 3-5 days and eggs are viable for about 24-48 hours, the plan is to do the BD every day from about day 7.

I am also completely off of sugar – have got through the first 3 days having none at all and I am feeling brilliant – really calm, alert and happy. I needed some paracetamol the first two days as I had such a bad headache, but it’s subsided really quickly.

The egg starts to ripen from day 1 of your cycle (actually, around 30-40 start to ripen but only one – or sometimes two – is released). So it’s actually even better than I’ve got my period now as I can start from fresh right from day 1 and make sure my diet is optimal for producing a healthy egg.

I’ve been taking my pre-natal vitamins for a couple of weeks now and eating lots and lots of fresh food, so this is a much better foundation to start trying. Yes, in an ideal world I’d spend 6 months on a healthy eating plan, but I am getting older by the day and feeling it, so I don’t want to put this off.

Also, I’m planning on a more radical approach to health, with a high raw diet – I’m having at least one salad meal a day, and some days I’ve had two.

Lucky I love vegetables, huh? 😉

I’m also building up to sorting through and getting rid of a lot more possessions. I want to simplify life as much as possible so I can focus on my children.

In other news I return to work three days a week as from next Friday, and tomorrow is DS2’s first settling in day at nursery. Working is going to be tough – it’s very hard to maintain a good diet in an office environment.

I feel so excited about everything though. I love a challenge 🙂

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