Spinnaker Tower

My car and I went to visit the car wash today. For the first time in my life I plucked up the courage to face the big rollers. And it’s so cool now it’s clean! I was actually terrified I would get something wrong and my car would implode and I would be crushed by rollers, or the car wash would explode and I would die in a mass of fiery bubbles. But no – there were no explosions, and now my car is really happy and shiny and feels loved.

I went there straight after the gym, so I think it helped that I was feeling all spritely after a session on the crosstrainer and treadmill.

Steve’s friends came over for the day on Sunday and we all went to visit the Spinnaker Tower. The weather was perfect – clear blue sky for miles, so the views were amazing. There is a glass floor on the 1st viewing platform too (like the one in the Sky Tower in Auckland, NZ, which I visited a couple of years ago – must tell you about that sometime). Walking on the glass floor is a great exercise in suspending mental judgement. You know it’s glass and you won’t fall through, but your brain processes the view of the drop and says “No way! Don’t do it!”.

We also enjoyed the thrill of driving around Gun Wharf car park at top speed to the inspiring War of The Worlds sound track. Richie made parking more exciting than it’s ever been before :-) . Back home, Andy and Abby made a great curry and we christened the table with our first proper meal at the new house – oops, yes, it’s true – Steve and I usually eat dinner on our laps. Just to round off the day we all became strangely addicted to Super Monkey Balls on XBox – with five of us fighting over four controllers, it’s a wonder anyone got out alive.

I’ll try and post pics tomorrow – I have a slight camera-download-station logistics problem at the moment.

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