Cupertino Pool

We found a wasp in the apartment today and Steve captured it and took it outside. I noticed the next balcony over had lots of wasp/bee like things flying around it the other day when I was out there, so I guess it strayed from there. It was a much skinnier wasp than you get in England, so I looked it up online to see if it really was a wasp and found this amazing site: what’s that bug?

Our wasp was a common ‘European paper wasp’, but the site is brilliant – people just send in photos of insects they’ve found in their house to these people and they post the pictures and identify the bug. The toe-biters in particular are incredible (and they really do bite your toes). I also found this great link about spider myths. Ahhh – I am so relieved to know that actually daddy long legs aren’t really “the worlds most poisonous creature yet they can’t penetrate human skin” (I’ve been told this twice in my life and actually thought it was true). I’m also relieved that the cactus story is fiction. To be honest, I had my doubts about that one, but stranger things have been documented.

We tried out the pool yesterday before anyone else was up. Great start to Saturday morning. We also went to see War of The Worlds in the evening with Mart from work. I have never seen/heard anything about it except the famous song, so was expecting it to be a bit tame, but it was actually very watchable. The story seemed a bit dodgy to me in places, but the special effects were grand and Tom Cruise was great – very funny at first, and non-cringe-inducingly-serious later (isn’t it great how in English you can string four words together like that and it will still make sense?).

Weekends are too short as usual. But have almost finished my re-write of the photo gallery. Hoping to put it online next week.

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