Slow But Sure

We’re still on dial-up, but our lovely landlord has OK’d cable, which is coming next Saturday, so we’ll be BACK ONLINE properly next weekend. Hurrah!

And Prime Suspect 7 is on tonight, double hurrah!

And I’ve gotten off my bum and done some work on my business idea, and have found a designer who will create a “look” for the site, triple hurrah!

Hope you’re all having a super weekend too. Can’t wait to be back properly.


1 thought on “Slow But Sure”

  1. Well, good for you. I couldn’t handle dial up – I downsized my cable and couldn’t even stand that, after 2 days I had to put it back onto extreme (which I don’t find overly fast).

    I guess you’ll be a posting fool once you’re on cable – huge pics, videos, podcasts. Or not.

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