Skin Set-Back

I made a huge mistake. Two days ago I thought I’d try a different moisturiser, just on my chin, to try and combat the flakiness I’m still getting (from my self-diagnosed perioral dermatitis).

Why?? Why would I do that when everything was getting so much better?

BIG mistake.

This happened:

How could I have been so stupid? I’d already read multiple times that pretty much everything aggravates the condition. What was I thinking?

All the redness above my mouth is so much better (where I didn’t use the new moisturiser), and apart from the dryness, my chin was vastly improved too.

My chin is now right back to how it was at the worst point! Sigh. It’s SO awful to have to go out and face people like this. All I can do now is leave it alone and see if I can retrace my progress. 

Stupid, stupid me!

And stupid, stupid steroids for turning my skin into some kind of crazy, hyper-sensitive thing that can’t tolerate anything.


What hasn’t helped is that my youngest has had a horrendous 3-day vomiting bug which has entailed multiple hours awake each night dealing with sicky blankets and pyjamas. I’ve been ultra-tired (as has the husband), so food choices have been terrible (snacking on chocolate and relying on takeaways cause we’re both too exhausted to tackle the kitchen). None of that is good for skin health.


Back to the original routine. And NO more experimenting with bloody creams and lotions!

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