Skin Detox T-1

Super quick post – I’m really struggling to find time to write at the mo. I think it’s because I’m generally a lot happier, and also because I am desperately trying to get stuff sorted, sold, donated, finished, etc. And this term is really busy for the boys – one is starting reception in September so we have all the intro visits and forms and uniforms stuff, and one is finishing year R, so we’ve got parties and sports day and just too much stuff.

Anyway, I’ve somehow managed to squeeze in a full menu plan for the next three days, plus ordered the food, so I’m starting my sugar-free skin detox tomorrow. I’ve based it heavily on the advice here:

And will be doing the following:

  • 8+ hours sleep per night (tracking with fitbit).
  • Minimum of 2 x 30 min walks per day (tracking with fitbit).
  • Maximise outdoor time for natural light exposure (will track this).
  • No sugar at all. Not even fruit, except the following low GIs: apple, lime, lemon, grapefruit. No more than 2 portions daily.
  • Minimise grains (pref only white rice and potatoes). I’ve been gluten free a year already.
  • I don’t drink caffeine at all anyway.
  • No dairy at all.
  • No eggs at all.
  • White meat and fish okay.


Will prob. photo blog my food, as quickest way 🙂

Taking before pics of skin today (and have some horrendous ones of a few weeks back). Assuming I look peachy perfect this time next week (haha, if only), I’ll share 😉

Have a good weekend!


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