Seattle Life

This is one of those entries that I’d like to write more on, but restrictions on what you can say about your working life (if you want to remain employed), mean that I have to be careful. So, what can I tell you today?

For a start, here’s my hotel room, nothing too provocative there.

hotel room

And here’s the inspiring view from the balcony:

hotel balcony

It looks vaguely like a dodgy motel from the outside, but inside, this place is actually very, very nice (apart from the corridors, which need a bit of a re-decoration). And it has free Wi-Fi, which you can’t turn your nose up at.

I’m here for a software event, and I am here with a colleague from the San Jose office. The people I’ve met today all seem very nice, and it’s very encouraging to see several women here. We also get breakfast, lunch AND dinner included at the centre, plus free snacks and drinks. Very groovy.

I can’t really tell you any more than that. I want to though! There are lots of opinions I would like to share this evening… but I am afraid. You see, people really do lose their jobs by writing things like “The 10 most annoying things about the woman in marketing.”

Before you think anything, I don’t even know anyone in marketing.

I’m really very, very tired though. I have now missed two days of training because of the travelling and the fact that I am just exhausted. Zzzz.

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