Sacred Fire


I finished Kino MacGregor’s book today.

I’ve read it in every available spare minute since it arrived yesterday.

It’s an account of her journey into yoga, from her first ever yoga class, to running her own yoga centre, and her certification to teach Ashtanga Yoga by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

What a wonderful, wonderful book. There is so much wisdom within, and so many profound thoughts about yoga and your own personal journey to peace.

I am going to re-read it and highlight as I go, because there is just too much in this book to take away in one sitting.

I’ve always dismissed yoga, and even after trying a couple of classes (I’ve sat through two over the last 5 years or so), I just didn’t get it. This book, I think, really explains what yoga is all about. It’s not just an Eastern form of exercise (which is what I have always assumed). It is way to know your own body and be at one with yourself.

Something I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced.

I have a yoga DVD on the way (no classes for me just yet, still feeling my way along), and I’m going to try it again, with no judgement this time. I always thought yoga was too slow, too boring, too gentle to do anything for you. I was wrong.

And I simply can’t ignore the profound wisdom and inner peace that Kino emanates in her writing – she is a young, highly disciplined, and incredible woman.

I’ll leave you with a quote from the closing pages.

“I was reminded that in order to be┬átruly beautiful we sometimes have to see just how ugly we’ve been along the way.”


3 thoughts on “Sacred Fire”

  1. I think you will love your journey into yoga. For me, it has nothing to do with exercise and everything to do with meditation and connecting. Give a studio a try sometime. Practicing alone definitely has its benefits but there is great beauty in practicing with others.

    • I’m very excited about it, which is nice given everything else that’s happened recently. I will try a studio if I enjoy it at home. I think maybe I didn’t realise the importance of the quiet and meditation before now. Ah, the paths of life eh? ­čÖé X

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