Rushing Around

Hello y’all. I have been busy, and lacking in writing skills this week. My new manager from the US has been in town (he goes home Tuesday next week), so work has been non-stop, and a bit stressful. I have to have everything working beautifully in a fortnight as then we have some holiday booked, and the product is supposed to be released by then.

I have missed two (TWO!) amazing ebay auctions that I really wanted to win, due to rushing around to get other stuff done. Boo. Mum locked herself out on Friday night, so instead of a movie-and-a-takeaway-night, it was driving-around-trying-to-locate-the-friends-house-that-the-taxi-picked-her-up-from-that-she left-the-keys-in-the-back-of-night (long, and unecessarily over-complicated story). Mum had to stay over in the end and then I had to break into the house the next day so she could get the spare set inside (yes, I usually have the spares, but for just three days mum had both sets, after the hospital stay confused all our key locations).

Anyway, that aside, all the fish are sick now, but Seagate is still alive (god knows how he’s lasted – he is really putting up a fight). Even though I quarantined the goldfish 24 hours after getting him, they must have both brought something into the tank, as now all fish are scratching against the sides, as though they have fleas. I am fairly certain they have whitespot, which results in 100% mortality if untreated, not much less otherwise due to the chemicals you have to use to kill the parasites. I have obsessed about them so much this week I’m not going to say any more until I know one way or another what is going to happen. I feel helpless and horribly responsible for the outbreak (should have been more careful with the new fish, will never make that mistake again). Have had terrible PMT this week, so have cried over everything imaginable, especially the fish.

Let’s face it – am Bridget-Jones style emotional wreck…

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