I’ve been up since 7.30am and this is what I have done today:

• Bought some new RAM for my PC, plus an extra fan, which I have been meaning to get for ages to keep the CPU a bit cooler. The new fan was the wrong size, so I’ll have to take it back next week.

• Installed new RAM.

• Tried getting a signal through the serial port from the GPS receiver, but nothing came out. Need to investigate further.

• Organised a man to come round to the flat on Tuesday and remove the old gas fire, test the chimney and tell me what I can put there instead.

• Bought some energy saving lightbulbs for mum, and replaced old bulbs with the aid of a ladder as ceilings are so high.

• Turned over all the earth and installed mum’s compost bin (ours is next).

• Taken photos of the bathroom at the flat, so I can refer to them while planning what I’m going to do in there.

• Mapped out the radiators and wondered why I still can’t locate the stopcock.

• Did food shop with mum.

• Called our broadband provider to get us reconnected and ask them why we keep getting cut off (they’re not sure).

• Researched replacement window options and regulations on the net for a couple of hours.

• Cooked a pizza from the supermarket as that’s all I had time to throw together.

• Fretted about the freezer defrosting itself (I might have left the door ajar… we’ll see in an hour or two).

• Read some of my DIY book.

It’s now 7pm, and these are the things I haven’t done:

• The washing.
• The washing up.
• The drying.
• The ironing.
• Empty the bins.
• Have a shower (eww).

My time mangement book hasn’t really helped all that much :-( .

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