Reversing Grey Hair With Raw Food – Possible?

Since switching to no shampoo and paying much more attention to my diet, I’ve been paying much more attention to my hair.

I have a few grey strands scattered here and there and I examine them frequently, wondering if my fate is sealed and I should just book an appointment with my hairdresser and get them dyed away…


I’ve been secretly hoping to see a change.

I’ve been hoping to see less grey.

Or – the absolute proof – a grey hair that is BROWN at the root.

And at last I have found this:

reversing grey

It shows a hair, from my comb this morning, that is browner at the root. That means it’s growing through with colour AFTER growing through grey.

The photo is not brilliant – I tried several times and this is the best of the bunch. But you can see the change in colour, and you can also see that it is returning to grey again at the root.

Now, apparently hair grows at about 1/2 inch a month.

The grey at the follicle end is almost exactly 1/2 an inch.

A month ago is exactly when I started floundering in my mission to eat more raw food. I haven’t really gotten back on track since then.

The grey at the far end is 3 – 3.5 inches in.

12.5 weeks ago I started recording my raw intake and I upped my daily raw food consumption to an average of 33% of my calories.


Maybe. If you’re interested in the reasoning behind this, I posted about the potential for raw food to help grey hair¬†here.

Time for me to get back to all that lush salad and sweet fruit.

4 thoughts on “Reversing Grey Hair With Raw Food – Possible?”

  1. Wow! I have a LOT of grey hairs and I have tried (and failed) the no poo few months back. I’m tired of dying my hair just so I wont look like I’m 90. This is worth a try. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I am in my 40s and white on top and dye my roots every two weeks (I have dark brown hair naturally) to keep it covered. I went fully raw and juicing about 6 weeks ago, and I’ve noticed that my white roots are now interspersed with dark brown hairs, whereas before it was all white. Being such a contrast they are easy to see. I would say about 20-25% are now dark. Hopefully this continues and I fully go back to my old colour!

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