Reign of Apathy

I am suffering the worst case of combined apathy and boredom I think I have ever experienced. At the moment, my sole responsibility in life is to turn up to work sometime before 10am.

My new manager hasn’t really started managing me yet, and is on holiday, so at work there’s little to do other than read about the stuff I’m going to be working on and there’s only so much reading you can do on a subject in one go, and I’m feeling too apathetic to start doing anything else. At home I’m fed up of books, films, games, my camera, everything. Even tidying up is too much like hard work, but as I’m too apathetic to even make a mess in the first place our apartment still looks vaguely presentable.

We’ve watched the entire first series of Alias, and now moved onto Desperate Housewives, mainly because watching these shows is more interesting than anything we are doing in real life at the moment. Today I have moved from the bed to the sofa. And I had to force myself to do that.

The thing is, we have so little to do, so few commitments, such unimportant demands, that we can quite happily spend 16 hours a day doing absolutely nothing at all and it doesn’t matter! No one gets upset, nothing important is left undone, no deadlines are missed. With no real reason to actually get anything done, and no feeling of enjoying precious time spent on things we enjoy (cause we can just do them all day long), we end up doing nothing. The thing is, I know I should just get off my lazy bum and do something, anything, to get out of this condition… but I can’t be bothered.

We’re both going slightly crazy out here. It’s like being in isolation. And you know what’s worse? Thanksgiving is next week. Four more days out of the office with nothing to do. Oh joy.

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