Random Release of Stuff

declutter stereo

Oh, I’ve got so much to catch up on with you lovely people!

After a week away I was really feeling behind in my sorting and releasing of possessions.

To make myself feel better I did a quick whip round this afternoon and then carted it all out of the house while I still had the energy. Great to move things out and keep the progress going.

My big item today was a JVC Micro Stereo. It’s been on a shelf upstairs unpluggged and unused for 6 months. That surely says everything about whether or not I need it.

I still had the box and instruction manual in the loft, so I boxed the whole lot up and took it to the household waste centre. They will sell it on cheaply to someone. It’s in fantastic condition (and ipod compatible!) so someone, somewhere will get a bargain. I feel simultaneously great about letting it go, yet slightly nervous that people might think I am mad for not trying to get some money back for it. But I like the idea of releasing stuff for nothing. Someone else will benefit instead of me, which is kind of nice.

So, out today went:

  • 1 JVC stereo and speakers
  • 1 office coat stand
  • 1 roll heat-resistant tape
  • 1 Gap dress
  • 2 fashion necklaces
  • 9 bangles
  • 1 unopened children’s wooden puzzle (duplicate present)
  • 4 baking trays
  • 1 melamine children’s dinner plate
  • 9 china mugs
  • 1 fancy wine opening device
  • 1 garlic press
  • 1 set of metal BBQ skewers
  • 1 pair plastic salad tongs
  • 1 metal ladle
  • 1 metal serving spoon
  • 1 spatula

Total out

37 items

Ongoing total out

198 items!

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