Random Release of Stuff 6 (and a Pause)

Oh I’m quite excited to share with you all the things I’ve got planned!

The house is pretty empty (well, compared to what it was), so after this post I’m going to hold off on the physical decluttering for a while and instead do some serious soul-searching and clear my mind of clutter.

I genuinely think I’ve reached a kind of critical mass (if that can even apply in this case) of stuff going out and my mind and spirit are now crying out for some attention, instead of my house.

I’ve compiled a reading list, with a few recommended books on it and I have a list of other things I’m going to try to incorporate into my life. I’ll blog about it all, as in a way, this is as much a part of my minimalist journey as removing all the physical things from my life.

One final thing – after a bit of an emotional meltdown yesterday I have picked myself up, scrubbed down the kitchen, bought party supplies, a lovely cake, balloons and drinks and I’m focusing on celebrating my little boy being 2, instead of thinking about the baby I lost this time last year. I’d like to get some nice pictures tomorrow and after this milestone weekend is out of the way, I want to move on.

Hopefully with a little more grace thanĀ I’ve managed so far.

So here is the last of the random objects to go for now…

  • 1 squashed toy car
  • 2 pillows (we have downsized to one each in our bed)
  • 1 set of hanging storage pouches
  • 1 bookcase!!
  • 1 teflon saucepan
  • 1 wooden spoon

Out today

7 items

Ongoing total

707 items!

PS – I know I promised new, minimalist house pics. They are coming soon, I’m just waiting for a handful of repairs to be done so we can put a carpet down in the hall!!

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