Random Release of Stuff 3

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Now that I’ve finished clearing out the sentimental stuff, I really feel like I can make some bigger changes.

I knew it was mentally holding back a lot of my efforts, but I hadn’t realised how psychologically freeing it would be to finish the job. Not only that, but I have also (this weekend), finally finished dealing with all the old paperwork and photos from my late Grandma (who passed on in February).

My desk is almost clear, the weight of all that stuff is gone and it’s like a breath of fresh air.

Up until this point, I have been dealing solely with my own possessions. I didn’t want to touch anything of the kids, or deal with any of the household items until my own personal things were dealt with.

I’ve sort of bypassed this today, because something has been catching my eye repeatedly over the last few weeks and after checking with Mr Tech that it was OK with him, I have downsized our glasses collection. We had loads of them sitting on a shelf in the dining area.

We do occasionally have a glass of wine, and sometimes (but not often these days with two small kids) we have people over for dinner.

But aside from that, we really just aren’t getting any use out of them. They’re just taking up space and dust.

Clearing them down and boxing them up felt a bit nerve-wracking. It seems odd to just donate perfectly usable and functional items, but if there are too many, it doesn’t make sense for us to keep them.

So, a whole shelf freed-up today, and some other odds and ends went out with the glasses:

  • 4 shot glasses (we have two kids, like we’re ever going to be doing shots, hah!)
  • 5 sherry glasses (we could borrow them at xmas, but really, our families won’t object to having a sherry in a glass tumbler)
  • 8 wine glasses (leaving 8 behind. I think we really only need 6, but I kept 8 ‘just in case’)
  • 1 unwanted DVD
  • 5 glass pots with lids I had saved (for what I’m not sure)
  • 3 bottles of rum + brandy (I know, strictly speaking these are a consumable, but since we’ve had them for 4 years it seemed reasonable to count them)
  • 3 plastic Ikea tealights
  • 2 work A5 notebooks with notes in
  • 1 non-fiction book I have finished reading

Total out today

32 items

Ongoing total out

604 items!

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