Random Release of Stuff 2


I had really reached total stagnation on my minimalist journey.

The only solution was to take a deep breath and find something – anything – to get the ball rolling again.

I can’t face my books, jewellery, gadgets or anything else as a collective right now, so instead I got rid of a few items that were just hanging around.

Small steps add up to a big journey 🙂

Out today went:

  • 1 large bedcover (which we had used a few times to sit on in the garden)
  • 1 printer (given to me by my Nan who passed away in February, but we already have a printer. It’s taken 4 months to realize I really don’t need to keep this).
  • 5 polythene mailer bags
  • 1 fancy notebook (I used to have a big notebook fetish, but I’m mostly over that now 😉 )
  • 1 cashbook I no longer use
  • 1 pair Sony earbud headphones (I generally use my iphone headphones and also have a separate pair of over-ear ones for running)
  • 1 set of plastic flags from a long-gone toy garage
  • 1 metal desk tidy

Out today

12 items

Ongoing total out

219 items!

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