Quick Hello

Christmas has been and gone for another year, hurrah! Hope it was full of festive joy for you all. I got some exciting presents… but alas, the clock is ticking this evening…

I have lots to write, but no internet access at mums and have spent all day trying to get WinDbg to work remotely from my laptop to my desktop (laptop USB, with USB to serial converter, plugged into 25 pin to 9 pin converter, plugged into gender changer, plugged into null modem cable, plugged into desktop, heh heh). It’s running now, but it’s also 6pm and I am still at work… so no time for catching up today.

We almost definitely get the keys for our new house on Friday afternoon (just landlord to confirm ok), and have ordered phone line and broadband – gotta get your priorities right – so will soon be back online properly. Have a feeling that I will just have to do a big post after New Year, as we are away for the whole upcoming weekend visiting family and friends.

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