Purging Sentimental Stuff – Part 2

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Since this is a big job, I thought I’d post an update.

I am currently stuck on sorting through a big folder of stuff from a time in my life when things weren’t very good and I am struggling with how best to deal with it all.

So in the interim, to take my mind of the oppressive task ahead (and it IS oppressive, having to go through all these things and hopefully release some of the terrible emotions that they contain – see what hoarding stuff does to you?!), here’s an update with what I’ve released so far (mostly into the recycle bin, heh heh).

I have scanned quite a bit of the stuff I’ve chucked. A lot of it is a record of my various travels, so I need the information (until I get around to doing what with it, I wonder?), but I don’t want the physical clutter.

  • 3 A5 notebooks with handwritten diary entries cover to cover
  • 1 dance certificate
  • 2 web development certificates
  • 1 joke poster
  • 8 beer labels
  • 14 postal stamps from Zimbabwe
  • 1 telegram receipt
  • 1 printed journal entry
  • 23 printed emails
  • 11 European maps
  • 2 Indian paintings
  • 3 postcards
  • 1 letter
  • 1 magazine clipping
  • 2 newspaper clippings
  • 1 newspaper
  • 1 employment letter
  • 2 old handwritten notes
  • 1 old address on a slip of paper
  • 1 fax

Total out today:

80 items*

Ongoing total:

324 itmes!

* I have listed each item separately here, even though it may only be a single piece of paper, because I have stored them individually and intentionally. Each single item holds a memory, so unlike a collection of bank statements (which I would class as one item), I think sentimental things warrant a count that represents the memories, if that makes sense.

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