Progesterone Makes Me Cry

I finally got my crosshairs on my FF graph this morning.

It reckons I ovulated on day 18, not day 20. That’s not a huge surprise, because although my morning temps were low I often check my temperature in the day time, and post ovulation it’s always above 98, which it was on days 19 and 20.

I usually get a very obvious thermal shift, so it’s one more weird thing about this crazy cycle. I have gone from textbook to utter chaos in one month.

The biggest indicator of the fact that I have ovulated though is my mood. I switch from logical, positive, happy lady to tearful, miserable, irritable witch in the space of a couple of days.

I’ve already cried and cried this morning because (get this) my son asked for a lollipop while we reading a story (which had a lollipop in it).


Because in my progesterone-infused state this is just one more small demand that upsets me when he already has so much.

My children have wonderful toys, go on lots of outings to parks and farms, have regular (but not daily) treats and yet they still want, want, want all the time.

They are never satisfied!

And I think of poorly children who don’t have any of what they have and how dismissive my boys can be of their toys and games and how they can whinge for ages over a small thing that they want that they don’t have and it upsets me so much.

A week ago I would have just ignored it.

No wonder women cry and cry and cry when AF arrives at the end of a progesterone-soaked two weeks.

So. I need to try to get through the next too weeks without crying too much.

Well, most importantly the next few days, because I always test early 🙂

P.S. For the first time in the 6 months that we’ve been trying post-miscarriage I had proper ewcm this month – a 3 inch stretch! 😉 I attribute this entirely to the changes I have made to my diet and am hoping that even though this cycle has been so utterly crazy there might be a chance it’s worked…

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