I’m pregnant!!!!

I. Am. Pregnant.


We are excited and terrified 🙂

I did a pregnancy test yesterday, even though it was only day 24 of my cycle because I knew that I had ovulated early, on day 11, this month*. I got a positive test result on day 27 with my previous two pregnancies (around 13 days after ovulation), so I thought it was worth a test. I also had a sneaky feeling I was pregnant because of a) my slightly sore boobs and b) the fact that the smell of my toddlers pooey nappy the other day almost made me sick.

Here’s yesterday’s test – you can just see the faintest of lines to the right of the red test line (my test stick is upside down):

Positive pregnancy test

And here’s this morning’s test – the line is definitely darker, on the left of the test line:

Positive pregnancy test

Wow – I can’t believe it 🙂

Very, very, very, amazing, wonderful, exciting news and I am so thrilled to be lucky enough to be doing this.

This pregnancy is going to be only about what’s best for me and my family – I’m going to love every minute, every day, every ache, pain and hour of nausea it brings 🙂

We’ve decided not to say anything to anyone else just yet. We are a little afraid of our parents being judgemental over us having a third child, and also I had two early miscarriages when I first started out, so nothing is certain yet anyway.

But, wow! 🙂

* I been lucky enough to have always had two obvious signs of ovulation – the distinctive “pulling” sensation on one side or the other plus the fact that I get the textbook clear, stretchy mucus for around 24 hours. I didn’t know about (and hadn’t noticed) the mucus until I was actually thinking about having baby number 1 and read about it in a book about fertility, but the weird ovulation pain has been there for as long as I can remember. I think an awareness of your own body and its cycles is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

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