Pre-race Nerves or I’m Getting Man Flu

DH has been ill this week – he spent one and a half days in bed and on the first evening he didn’t even eat any dinner (that never happens).

I thought I had escaped… but I’ve had an increasingly bad headache today and am starting to get faint hot and cold spells. I feel really tired and the boys have been so LOUD.

BUT I am also feeling a bit nervous about my 5k tomorrow and I am prone to psychological symptoms…

I know there are 87 runners. Are 86 other people going to beat me? What if I get a weird injury in the first 5 minutes? What if it’s freezing cold and raining? What if everyone else is a super-athlete and laughs at me?

Of course, I know that this is totally ridiculous and I have run enough 5ks in my time to be totally confident that no one is going to laugh at me.

Ahhh well. Crazy huh?

I’ve had my big spinach, chicken and rice dinner, resisted red wine and a kitkat chunky, and think it might be time for some mindless television to round off the evening and take my mind off of running.

I will post-race post tomorrow.

Night all 😉

4 thoughts on “Pre-race Nerves or I’m Getting Man Flu”

  1. Wish you the best of luck there’s a lot of people rooting for you! What if’s can be the hardest mental challenge we put in front of ourselves but keep bringing your mind back to the successes of your training and you shouldn’t go wrong 🙂

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