Postal Service Awe

I wrote a card today to send back to England, and as usual, I am simply amazed at the postal system we have here on earth. I mean, when you think about it, it is incredible that you can write a message, or a letter, or make a card, and then put it in a little envelope and drop it in a little box and hey presto, a couple of days later it ends up at its destination – right to the door!!!

In a way, the phenomenal growth of electronic media like email, text messaging, instant messenger, chat-rooms, forums etc. etc. make it even more amazing, because a letter is not some digital thing you can split up and send down a wire (yet), it’s a tangible object that you can read and re-read, and watch it get old, with dog-ears and coffee-rings, smudged finger prints and even tear-stains.

By simply writing an address on the envelope, hundreds of people will help co-ordinate it to its destination. Post-men, delivery companies, petrol stations, sorting offices, and if it’s overseas, planes, air traffic controllers, airport staff, or ships, little boats, and all the people that work in ports. And this service costs us hardly anything – my letter today is going to journey back to the UK for the princely sum of 80 cents. That’s about 45p. Amazing.

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