Post Miscarriage Chart

And just because.

Here’s how messed up my body has been after this miscarriage. All six previous times I ovulated two weeks after I miscarried (in fact, DS1 was conceived two weeks after miscarriage #2!).

This time around, my body has just gone haywire:


Why am I temping?

Because I want to know if there is any chance that things are getting back to normal. Not in the interests of trying again (my husband hasn’t been allowed anywhere near me since we lost this last baby), but in the interests of being normal again.

I’ve been gluten free for 6 days, and interestingly I finally got a +ve opk on day 4 of being gluten-free. My temperature was up this morning, but the jury is still out until I see tomorrow’s temp, given how erratic they have been (can you even ovulate when you are still bleeding??).

I’m guessing my new friend, the massive dermoid cyst on my right ovary, is probably affecting this too.

Anyway, as you can imagine, I’m pretty damn fed up of it all. For my entire menstrual life I have been a 28 day kind of girl so this really has been an endurathon of annoyingness.

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  1. Hugs Rose, your system is probably way out of whack since your loss. Hopefully next cycle will start to straighten out. GF life isn’t bad huh? I feel so much better on it xx

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