Post Juice Fast Numbers

Before I do the numbers I want to say that today (the morning of day 6), I woke up with no alarm and for the first time in months (years?) felt completely clear-headed and ready to get straight out of bed. I got up at 6:30, weighed-in, took my measurements, did my blood sugar, had a shower, and then I made me and the husband a green smoothie and I felt GREAT. All this before I got the boys up at 7am.

I only woke once last night to go the bathroom, and immediately went straight back to sleep.

I just feel really, really good this morning.


I have lost 2.2kg (almost 5 pounds), which is awesome as that’s what I put on over Christmas plus a bit. I’m only 2.3kg away from what I consider to be my ideal weight again, which is fantastic. The husband lost 3.6kg (just short of 8 pounds).

My fasting blood sugar has gone from 5.8mmol to 4.7mmol. Given I didn’t eat refined sugar for 12 (I think?) days before the fast and was still measuring 5.8mmol when I started, I am super excited about this. I am aiming to keep it at this level going forward, so I’m going to be really careful about what kind of carbs I eat.

I lost 2cm off my waist, 1.5cm off my boobs (no!!) and 1cm off my hips.

Fantastic results really, from five days. The challenge now is to keep pressing on with eating as clean as possible.

I think the big advantage of the juice fast is that is totally reframes your perspective on food. I don’t really want to eat sugary stuff, or drink caffeinated drinks, or order a takeaway because I’ve built this incredible foundation over five days and I want to run with it as far as I can. What I’ve already done is a huge motivation to stay away from the bad stuff. And now I know that I can go several hours without snacking and picking at food, and that I won’t die if I don’t eat some cheese, and that my body can survive and in fact, even thrive on a diet that is really high in plant based foods.

Now – and this is the best part – it seems far more normal for me to pile huge quantities of vegetables into everything we eat because the sheer amount of produce we got through over the last five days has opened my eyes to what our bodies really need.

I want to provide my body with nutrients, so it’s all about packing as many fruits and veggies as I can into every meal I can from now on.

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  1. Fantastic! So great to hear you feel so good following your reboot.

    Hey – totally forgot to tell you – I’m headed to the UK on business the week of Feb 16! I’ll be in Manchester and Newcastle Upon Tyne first, but then in London Friday and Saturday. I’m planning to meet up with my blogging buddy, Sam. Just now realized OMG! Rose is in those parts too. (At least I think you’re in the London area!) If you can get out for a bit either Friday night or Saturday, I would love to meet up with you! I’m staying at the Park International Hotel in Kensington. 🙂

    • Oh Nancy – that would be so amazing. I used to live and work in London, but these days I’m down on the south coast. It takes me about 3 hours to get into town, so not really something I can do for an evening. It’s also half term that week, so we’re off to the in-laws at the weekend. Such a shame… I would LOVE to have an evening out with you and a good old gossip!!! I hope you have a safe trip and I’m so sorry I’ll miss you xxx

      • Ah, didn’t realize you were so far from London. I’m sure Sam will have me running in circles. In fact, I’m pretty sure she’ll give me a personal training session. 🙂 I may regret meeting up with her. 😉

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