Pizza Factory

I thought I’d share our pizza-making morning with you from a couple of weeks ago. If you fancy doing the same, here are some abridged instructions.

1. Buy lots of ingredients, including the entire supermarket stock of pizza base mix.
2. Pick some tomatoes from the garden, and chop up lots and lots of veg.
3. Spend 3 hours kneading dough and then spread each base with tomato puree (we mixed a little crushed garlic in too)
4. Cover with veggies of your choice and grated mozarella, spinach and goats cheese, ham and pineapple, etc. etc.
5. Freeze.
6. Next time you want a takeaway pizza, shove one in the oven.

Easy eh? We stored them on paper plates when we realised we didn’t have anything else to support them, but I wouldn’t recommend this, as the paper gets stuck to the pizza after about a week in the freezer – the last pizza I had was a bit chewier than I would have liked.

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