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Steve and I went to the gym this morning (hurrah! 4th time this week!), and then after a big breakfast I sat down to set up a mirror server at home so I could redesign the site here… Except when I turned my desktop PC on, the master drive was missing. Catastrophic failure!! The drive that came in the PC (the first PC I ever bought) has failed!

Luckily there wasn’t anything valuable on it, so I have just set the secondary drive to master and removed the original (aw, poor thing). I am now waiting for a download so that I can install Gentoo Linux– a brave move eh? It’s a 450MHz pentium III that originally came with Windows 98 SE, later it had Windows 2000 Professional on, and after that Fedora Core 2. I didn’t use it much with Fedora, as then I had to go to the US, which is why the drive failure (after 6 years in use), wasn’t too terrible. It used to be a Packard Bell, but I eventually got so fed up with all their proprietary rubbish I flashed the BIOS so it couldn’t tell me which bits it would and wouldn’t allow me to use. It’s on it’s third monitor – the original died, the second one was an office scrap item – also died, and now it’s using one that my mum found outside next to a bin – a flatscreen!! The monitor needs a new adapter, so I’m borrowing Steve’s ’til I can source one from somewhere. It’s also on it’s second case (I used to cut myself on the first one everytime I opened it up, so I invested in a sleek, easy-open black one from Novatech). And on it’s second modem (the first one just stopped working when I took off the original OS, probably some dodgy Packard Bell voodoo). It’s had a network card added (another office spare from long ago), and some extra RAM swapped in (ebay), and now the hard drive has gone.

In fact, it’s been almost completely replaced over the last 6 years, with the motherboard the only original bit still in place. It still has the (somewhat shabby) original mouse and keyboard though. Aw – I do love it so.

Meanwhile, as I continue to prolong the life of Frankenputer with odds and ends from wherever I can source them, Steve took the plunge today and managed to build his own PC with a selection of bits from Novatech for a steal of around £200 (yup, it’s a double Gentoo download this evening). And it’s about a million times faster than mine. Maybe when the next component bites the dust (which, lets face it, probably won’t be very long), I might think about doing the same.

Although I might just ask around for any spare parts first… ;-)

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