I worked my butt off at the gym today. As it was a Sunday (and I was waiting for PHP to compile on gentoo) I did a full workout – cardio, weights, and then 20 lengths in the pool (first swim of the year). Sat in the sauna afterwards to recover. Two weeks in a row I’ve exercised 4x a week. Result!

Arrived home to find that everything had finished compiling and then sailed through the setup of Apache and MySQL to the point where I almost have an exact replica of the site at home. Just a few more glitches to sort out and then I can start redesigning without fear of it disappearing from the live world.

I also succumbed to temptation and motored up to Curry’s this morning to get this LG flat screen monitor. Here is a screenshot from the new monitor, with gentoo installed and fully functioning, with KDE on top, on my little Pentium III 450MHz processor:

[Lost pic]

The amazing thing is, it’s actually running quite fast. Way faster, in fact, than it did with Windows or Fedora. Gentoo is the best OS ever! (Thanks Steve ;-) And to think I nearly gave up during the week long compile…)

Oh – and one more thing. If you haven’t yet found StumbleUpon, you’re really missing out. If anything, it should encourage you to finally make the switch to Firefox. I have found some fantastic sites with this thing – it brings a whole new lease of life to surfing the web, and you don’t get any crap with it either. It’s brilliant.

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