PC Love II

The PC I loaded Gentoo on finally finished compiling today (it’s only taken a week in total). I’ve even got the soundcard working, and sorted out the screen resolution. The flatscreen monitor that Mum found is not as perfect as I thought though – the picture is pixelated and no amount of adjusting the settings on either it, or the PC, gets rid of it completely. I also got some more RAM for it from ebay, but when I had a closer look at it today, it turns out I got 64MB when it was described as 124MB. Sigh. It doesn’t even seem to work in my PC at all, so I can’t even sell it on and say it works. The seller has asked me to return it for a refund, which is good.

Have spent almost all day so far fiddling around with the Linux box trying to get it all set up properly (computers take up all your time), so have done hardly anything else of note. It’s now compiling Java, or Firefox, or possibly both, or maybe something else, who knows.

How boring. I’m even boring myself now.

Ah. It’ll all be worth it when I have a nice new design for the site :-)

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