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lakeside parkrun pb

I ran 5km in 32:06 this morning, which is a park run PB, hurrah!

It was a good run – the weather was warm, which is always better for me, and I’ve been feeling much better since being super-strict about eating gluten. I have a 5k race on Wednesday evening, so I didn’t want to push too hard today and I think I did have a little bit left to give, so all in all I am really pleased. Especially when I think back to two weeks ago where my time was 34:12 after all the hill work I did. Big leaps forward! I love this part of the journey because I know that the lower the time gets the harder it gets to work for the extra seconds in speed. Taking 2:06 out of my time across two weeks is pretty phenomenal and I’m feeling really good about how I’ve been managing my training.

Best of all is that compared to last summer, when I was running on no sleep, I finished in 32:12. That was my previous best and I just felt bloody awful afterwards. Exhausted beyond belief, shaky, miserable, aching. Today I finished and felt fine across the line (I could definitely have pushed harder), and within a few minutes I was breathing normally again and no complaints from my muscles or joints. My recovery is so much better. Sleeping a whole lot more makes a world of difference. I think I just did the right thing stopping last summer. It was my arthritis that was main reason, but the lack of sleep was killing me, I think.

So, a great morning for me, my fourth run of the week and the end of my 10th consecutive week of training this year. I’m so looking forward to Wednesday’s race and although I don’t think I’m going to break 30 minutes just yet, I know I’m not far off it. I also start a three week healthy eating challenge on 3rd July run by a local nutritionist (more on that soon!), and I am so ready to power up my nutritional intake and hopefully see the benefit of that.

One other thing is I did a weigh-in this morning and I have actually put 1.8kg on in the last couple of weeks. I almost fell off the scales when I saw this as I know that I’m not getting (much) fatter because my clothes still fit the same. I also knew that I hadn’t lost any fat as my post-baby-belly is still jiggling nicely when I run, so I’m guessing I’ve been building some actual muscle? I definitely feel a lot stronger, so I’m happy with that, but it just goes to show that the scales really don’t tell the whole story.

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  1. Yay! Nice work! Nothing better than a PB. Such a great feeling. I’m looking forward to running again when Max is back and think I will do some while we are away and the kids can stay with mum. Well, maybe. I’ll pack my stuff! Ha! And the scales thing is annoying. I was doing the PT for weeks and the scale went up not down which I found quite annoying as I don’t want to be this size and toned, I want to be a smaller size and toned lol I’ve started eating intermittent fasting style and lowering carbs (but not eliminating completely) and I saw a shift first week. Will see how it goes! Woooo! You look so fresh faced and healthy in the pics. I love it! X

    • Thank you! It is SO good to be back running, and it really is only the last couple of weeks that I’ve felt like I’m making progress. There were 7/8 weeks of struggle before that, haha. Pack your stuff – then you always have the option of getting out if you feel like it. I think I tried fasting once – I lasted about half a day. I am the world’s worst person when I don’t eat (or sleep). It must be great to see some progress with the weight though. My baby-weight this time around is being beyond stubborn and I feel really self-conscious about my belly as my arms and legs are the same as they used to be. Nevermind. We will get there!!

  2. Hi Faye – I saw your like on my blog and came over for a nosy! It seems we have a few things in common although I confess running is certainly not one of them in my case – the last time I ran, really ran, was at school in the sprint. In fact I don’t even really have a sport unless you could class an occasional yoga session a sport! Having said that I love reading about your determination with your running – I need a dose of this in my own life.

    • Thank you for stopping by! Yoga is a great thing to do and although I haven’t practised recently I do love it ?

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