Week 10: Training Log

training log week 10

Week 10: w/c 19th June 2017.

Check out my new blog graphic that actually makes it look like I’m some kind of proper athlete, hah!

Anyway, this makes ten weeks of exercise – woo hoo!

It’s been a good week, and I got a PB at parkrun on Saturday, yay. In fact I finally feel like the whole exercise thing is falling into place. You know how it is at the beginning when you first start – everything hurts, everything is exhausting, everything is such hard work. Well, I genuinely have reached a place where it really isn’t that horrible any more. Of course it’s still hard, but my body copes better, and it’s a nice feeling. My headaches have been less this week but they are still niggling every day. They are driving me crazy, but do seem to be settling down, so I’ll hold tight for now and hope next week brings some relief.

I really need to add some more strength training in. I know it will help my running and I know it’s important, but I always feel such resistance to doing resistance, haha. Maybe when I’m ten weeks down the line with it, I’ll feel differently.

This weeks training covered the following:


5km Asics Pace Academy run from Runkeeper. 33:22.


4km run around the village in the evening. 26:15




5km progression run, 10 slow, 10 medium, 10 fast, slow remainder.




Parkrun – PB 32:06 5km



Next week I have an actual 5k race on Wednesday evening. It’s a 5-race series, running once a month from April to August. My friend has just this minute sent me the results for the first two (that I didn’t enter) and it very much looks like I am going to come last. Full race report to come. And I’ll definitely be doing some strength work after that.

Parkrun PB

lakeside parkrun pb

I ran 5km in 32:06 this morning, which is a park run PB, hurrah!

It was a good run – the weather was warm, which is always better for me, and I’ve been feeling much better since being super-strict about eating gluten. I have a 5k race on Wednesday evening, so I didn’t want to push too hard today and I think I did have a little bit left to give, so all in all I am really pleased. Especially when I think back to two weeks ago where my time was 34:12 after all the hill work I did. Big leaps forward! I love this part of the journey because I know that the lower the time gets the harder it gets to work for the extra seconds in speed. Taking 2:06 out of my time across two weeks is pretty phenomenal and I’m feeling really good about how I’ve been managing my training.

Best of all is that compared to last summer, when I was running on no sleep, I finished in 32:12. That was my previous best and I just felt bloody awful afterwards. Exhausted beyond belief, shaky, miserable, aching. Today I finished and felt fine across the line (I could definitely have pushed harder), and within a few minutes I was breathing normally again and no complaints from my muscles or joints. My recovery is so much better. Sleeping a whole lot more makes a world of difference. I think I just did the right thing stopping last summer. It was my arthritis that was main reason, but the lack of sleep was killing me, I think.

So, a great morning for me, my fourth run of the week and the end of my 10th consecutive week of training this year. I’m so looking forward to Wednesday’s race and although I don’t think I’m going to break 30 minutes just yet, I know I’m not far off it. I also start a three week healthy eating challenge on 3rd July run by a local nutritionist (more on that soon!), and I am so ready to power up my nutritional intake and hopefully see the benefit of that.

One other thing is I did a weigh-in this morning and I have actually put 1.8kg on in the last couple of weeks. I almost fell off the scales when I saw this as I know that I’m not getting (much) fatter because my clothes still fit the same. I also knew that I hadn’t lost any fat as my post-baby-belly is still jiggling nicely when I run, so I’m guessing I’ve been building some actual muscle? I definitely feel a lot stronger, so I’m happy with that, but it just goes to show that the scales really don’t tell the whole story.

Getting Back Into It

Boo has learnt to climb up onto the sofa. She fell off head first the other day and has a nice bruise to show for it.

It’s funny, but when I’m happy and content, I find that my blogging inspiration dries up. When things are hard, or I’m suffering with self-doubt, I can write thousands of words – they just pour out of me and onto the screen.

I blame obsessive diary-writing for this as a teenager. All my teenage angst gave me so much practice in writing about emotions like frustration, anger and sadness, that it set me up to be a maudlin blogger for life. Writing about secondary infertility kept me going for three long years – there was so much emotion there I practically burned through my keyboard.

These days however, life is good. And my god I am grateful for it. I think partly I worry about somehow tempting fate to take all the good things away from me if I publicly talk about good things happening in my life. But partly it’s just that I’m happy. And my brain is less busy when I’m happy, which means the need to write (which is very cathartic for me) decreases.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t make for a) decent blogging and b) ever finishing any of the books I have started to write and not finished (because my mood affects my desire to write also, and writing is one of my big loves).


I’m going to try something new.

Firstly, I’m going to write a “On The List This Week” post at the start of each week. I love my lists, and this is a great way for me to be even more accountable to the massive list of things I want to get done. It also means I share what I’m up to and hopefully find other people doing similar things.

Secondly, I’m going to try posting more often, even if it seems like I have nothing to say (omg, I can hear you all clicking ‘unfollow’ now).

Thirdly, I’m going to try to find more bloggers out there like me. I really want to read and share and see what other people are up to. It’s really the most fun part about it. I struggle a bit with the WordPress reader, but I’ve been clicking around trying to find new blogs to follow and have a few new ones on my list now (yes, that’s you I’m stalking, mwah ha ha!).

So, without further ado, this weeks “On The List This Week” is late as it’s Wednesday, but here it is anyway:

  1. Start my tax return (yawn!)
  2. Do not buy any food except bare essentials like milk and bread (I am trying to use up everything in the cupboards/freezer/fridge as part of a money saving drive)
  3. Do two more runs
  4. Ring up and check what happened to my pension (I got a statement and its value had gone down by 20%)
  5. Start sorting out my photos (oh lordy – I am in a mess with these. My phone isn’t syncing with my desktop and everything is all over the place)
  6. List baby carrier and pro microphone on eBay
  7. Think about adding household accounts to YNAB (I am a total YNAB convert – it is the best personal budgeting tool I have ever used!)

That’s it for today!

Retrying Gluten

Mmm gluten for breakfast!
At half term, we took the three children camping in France. It was a seven hour drive from Calais to the campsite (although with stops it took us ten), and we stayed in the Dordogne region for 7 warm and wonderful nights.

I’ve been gluten free fairly consistently since I was diagnosed as coeliac in 2014. I relaxed things a bit after having baby F, and then in France, I relaxed things a lot. An awful lot. You know how it is in France – lovely croissants, lovely baguettes, lovely madeleines, lovely everything glutenful and lovely… mmmm.

So we had a very laid back holiday and I ate lots. And I felt fine! Which was great. But then when we got home, two weeks ago, I found myself buying croissants and eating bread again, simply because I had been eating it in France.

And then I started to notice some digestive problems. I don’t know if the bread in France, being mostly freshly made, is just better tolerated by me, or if there is a bit of delay between starting to eat gluten and actually feeling the effects in my body, but about 12 days after getting back I was really uncomfortable, bloated, miserable and in pain. The symptoms kind of crept up on me slowly, getting worse until I felt pretty diabolical. I started to get horrible stomach cramps on top of a sore, bloated stomach and it was only then that it occurred to me that it might be the daily consumption of bread/pastries that was the problem. 

I feel like a bit of an idiot for being so dismissive of what was a massive problem for me in the past. It was especially noticeable when I went running, because although I am carrying a bit of extra weight around my stomach, it started to feel like I had a bag of water strapped to my waist with the way everything was wobbling and sloshing around.

So, I’ve learnt an interesting lesson. Gluten really is absolutely awful for me. It really does make me feel horrible. Obviously I knew all of this, but I had kind of forgotten it. When you watch other people eating it all the time with no obvious problem it becomes easy to convince yourself that it can’t be that bad. But it really is. My body hates it. So I am recommitting to a 100% gluten free diet and hoping that my poor stomach settles down and stops being so uncomfortable.

I have also signed up for a 21 day healthy eating challenge, which is being run by a local nutritionist I met at a business breakfast meeting last month. I am really excited about it! It starts on 3rd July, so I’ll blog about how it goes.

Update: I wrote this over the weekend and I have stopped eating gluten again. I did a run this morning, Flatter stomach, no pain, and I took almost a minute off my current 5km time, bringing it to 33:22. Hurrah!

This week’s training

I ran three times this week. I still feel like I’m recovering after pushing quite hard last week, but I did do a long run on Thursday as it’s been three weeks since I last did anything over 5km.

I’ve had some knee trouble and have been dealing with horrible headaches most of this week, so I haven’t felt great to be honest.


Asics Pace Academy run in Runkeeper. 30 minutes. Loved it and felt good.

Tues + Weds

Rest days, although I was literally itching to get out. The weather was beautiful and warm and I love running in it. I wanted to keep my legs fresh for:


9km steady run. I did 5.5km of this on trails through the woods near our house which was lovely. The other half was on pavement. The trail running was more draining than I anticipated and my thigh muscles were hurting a bit by the end. An old injury in my right knee surfaced and caused me quite a bit of pain in the last half km. 




I was a bit nervous going out, thinking that my knee was going to stop me running after Thursday, but it was actually fine. I just did a slow round-the-village 4km and my son came along on his bike. It was a scorching afternoon and I felt tired, heavy and bloated.



Plan for next week

The next next Asics Pace Academy run in Runkeeper (there are five and they are designed to help you improve your 5k speed), some strength exercises, a steady run for as long as I feel good and I’ll probably do parkrun on Saturday. I have a 5k race the week after next and I’m hoping for a not-too-embarrassing time so next week I won’t be pushing too hard.

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