Overdoing It

I obviously spoke way too soon about getting fitter and feeling good about it, because yesterday I woke up feeling a bit off colour and last night I went to bed feeling like I had been run over by a steamroller. Everything HURTS. My chest hurts, my head hurts, my throat hurts, my skin hurts. My arms hurt! I can’t cough because it hurts too much, but my lungs are all full of crap. I am so tired I have to rest after walking up or down the stairs before I can carry on with what I was doing, by which point I have forgotten what it was I was trying to achieve anyway.

The house is a mess, I’ve got a 1,000 things I want to do and I can see the weekend slipping away in a cloud of miserableness because my immune system has pressed the panic button and my body is preventing me from all exertion by making me feel like the living dead whenever I try to do anything more than breathe.

And that’s not the worst of it. I am IN TRAINING for God’s sake. How am I going to run a 5km run in two weeks when I can’t do any training??? This is going to ruin 7 weeks worth of hard work and I am seriously unimpressed. What is wrong with me? It’s the traveling for work, the jet lag, the long hours all this week, and the fact that I haven’t slept for more than about 6 hours a night since I got home that must have caused this.

Hmm. I actually can’t write anymore because I keep having to put my head under the desk to stop myself feeling like I am going to pass out. More later.

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