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I think I’ve finally got all my old blogs online here. My first ever blog was under my name and ran from July 2005 to November 2006. I picked up again under a pseudonym in May 2012, and I’ve blogged on and off ever since. I’m still working through the 2012+ posts as they have missing pictures, but generally my entire blogging existence is now here at St Francis Folly.

It’s been really interesting reading over some of the old stuff I posted. I wrote a lot when I first started, and I wrote mainly for family and friends. But here’s the thing – the people that commented on my blog weren’t (for the most part) people that I knew. Even back then I existed in a small circle of bloggers, connecting online.

In fact the main reason I stopped blogging in 2006 was because I had started a new job and at least one of my work colleagues had found it and had started reading it (I guess he googled my name – one of the disadvantages of blogging at yourname.com). He never commented on my posts, but he would talk to me at work about what I was writing. He was a little bit odd, and I didn’t really like how he would come over every time I wrote a post and want to discuss it with me.

That’s the thing with blogs. You either have to have the attitude of not giving a shit about people you know reading it, or you have to blog anonymously. I’ve mentioned before that blogging sometimes feels like a one-way sharing of information. I think that’s why I love to connect with other bloggers because you share in the same way. It’s a friendship through writing.

Other things I noticed from my oldest posts:

    1. I was generally much happier and more enthusiastic. I turned to blogging as a release for difficult emotions from 2013 onwards, but back in 2006 I actually observed that I blogged less when I was unhappy. Is that because of the difference in audience? Writing anonymously allows us to express our deepest thoughts, whereas maybe writing for an audience of friends and family makes talking about emotions harder?
    2. I had no free time. I have mistakenly thought that it was becoming a mum that stole all my time, but when I was working full time I had none either. I was tied to being in a place for 35-40 hours a weeks, doing what other people told me to do. I had to commute. Sometimes also on weekends, and also I did a lot of travel for work. Mentally, I was exhausted at the end of each day. Yes, there were weekend days where I lazed around and did nothing, but they were few and far between.
    3. I took on too many projects. Story of my life!!
    4. I was wittier. Some of my posts were actually funny. These days I am so bloody serious about everything.
    5. I ranted about stuff that annoyed me. Again, I was under this impression that it was having children that made me feel so stressed all the time. Memory failure.
    6. I joined Amazon Associates in 2006, hahaha! I think I have earned about £1.23 in 12 years.

I am feeling really enthusiastic about blogging again now 🙂

6 thoughts on “Old Blogs Now Online”

  1. That is exactly why I blog anonymously!!! I blog to release and talk freely, I know I wouldn’t do that if people I actually know read it. So aside from the hand full of you that I’ve connected with on Facebook or through email, nobody in my “real life” know about my blog.

    • It does give you a great sense of freedom doesn’t it? And you can blog about annoying co-workers, and people in everyday life guilt free. Yes, it definitely has its advantages 🙂

  2. I’ve always wondered how you feel about me, a complete stranger, reading your blog! Your blog came up in a list of search results when I googled some fertility question (don’t even remember what it was now). We were both struggling with recurrent miscarriages, so I originally subscribed to get email updates to find out how your story would end. But of course conception and pregnancy are only the beginning, so once baby F was born, I continued to read to find out how your family was doing. And well, I’m still here! Hope you don’t mind! Haha!

    • I love to hear from you Alisa – we have so much in common! I didn’t phrase that very well. I don’t understand the silent consumption that some people do (the ones that know me in real life). Always reading and never commenting or calling or dropping me a line. It used to bother me, but these days I’ve decided I don’t care. Hah!

  3. It must be so interesting to go back and read those really old posts. I struggle a lot with the anonymous thing too. But I found even when I didn’t blog without my own name I felt I was probably easily identifiable if someone went looking so I didn’t speak freely anyway. Might as well blog under my own name then. Interesting that you had no free time pre-kids either. We really do just fill our lives with whatever is around. I think with kids it’s just like that analogy with the glass of rocks…the glass is full but you can add smaller rocks, sand and water. Kids are like the sand and water of an already full cup. 🙂

    • “But I found even when I didn’t blog without my own name I felt I was probably easily identifiable if someone went looking so I didn’t speak freely anyway.”

      So true! There were some things I really wanted to talk about concerning real life people that I just never aired because, even though it was anonymous, I was still worried about someone maybe finding it and reading it. There was a line I never crossed, even anonymously, because it would have been awful if anyone had read what I thought. God, that makes me sound like a horrid person, lol! The thing is, you can never be sure when dealing with others if they mean to be mean, or if they are totally unaware of their lack of sensitivity. I’ve always erred on the side of thinking they don’t intend to hurt me. But then, I’ve been sucked into some shitty relationships and friendships in my life, so perhaps I should have been more discriminating. Who knows.

      Yep – I think we do just fill our lives no matter what. I feel humbled, and a bit ashamed at how much I have blamed lack of time on being a mum in the last eight years. I complained about it all the time when I was working hideous hours and trying to do a ton of other stuff, before I was even a parent. Time is our most precious of resources. It has really made me think about the value in activities I do and how I need to be more mindful about how I spend it.

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