Nothing To Report

I’ve given up speculating. Here’s my chart this month:


Ridiculous. It’s the worst looking chart I’ve had since I started in 2009.

I have no idea what is going on – and these temps are all taken at the exact same time after sleep, so I know it’s my hormones out of whack and not environmental disturbances.

I am tearful and my boobs hurt. I’m hungry and fed up. I feel more pregnant than I did when I was actually pregnant, which would be funny if it wasn’t not funny.

So, DH and I are officially retiring all trying and speculation until I have a period.

It’s really unlike my body to do this. Aside from the one I had in March, which had retained tissue, I’ve had a normal cycle within 5 weeks of every miscarriage (excluding the one where I got pregnant afterwards).

Anyway, nothing at all is happening with me, so I’m off to see what’s happening with everyone else!

2 thoughts on “Nothing To Report”

  1. Holy cow, that really is all over the place. I wish I had started temping after I started my first cycle after the miscarriage, then maybe I would have SOME idea what was going on with myself…or maybe it would look like this, and I’d be even more confused. cd 36 and still nothing. Again, I hope our bodies get it together soon!!

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