Not A Complete Void

Actually I do have something to say – Steve passed his Kung Fu grading, hurrah!!!

Work is a bit hectic at the moment – so much to do before I leave, and so little time to do it in. I feel bad leaving without having made my software perfect forever and ever, but I guess development is never that clean cut. We are however going for a department curry tomorrow, which will be good (not that any of us are in the same department any more, but the spirit lives on).

In around two weeks, two of my best friends will be mothers for the first time. I can hardly believe it, how things change, how fast time goes by.

I’m really tired now, so am going to bed early. Steve and I were up half the night, after we discovered LimeWire at about 8.30pm yesterday. You’d never think two people could spend so many hours reminiscing over 80s songs and TV theme tunes :-) .

2 thoughts on “Not A Complete Void”

  1. Congrats to Steve on the kung fu. And I know what you mean about Limewire – I’ve found so many things there that I’ve run out of things to look for… I just can’t remember any more stuff that I used to like, or like now but can’t think of the name or artist.

  2. Steve says thank you! And we know what you mean about running out of things to look for… it”s not often something is that good!

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