No Temp Rise

I’m on CD15 and my temperature has not yet risen.

I hate taking my temperature and just want to put the thermometer away dammit.

I’ve run out of OPKs as well, so I have no idea what’s happening.

Maybe I’m not ovulating, or ovulating late because of the contraceptive pill I took at the end of last year.

Who knows, but I’ve just ordered 100 OPKs online so that I don’t run out again.


5 thoughts on “No Temp Rise”

    • Ah yes – I tend to get a positive for a couple of days too – usually two. I think some are too sensitive so they show a wide positive time-period. I get mine online – just under £13 for 100. A bargain when the shops sell them as £7 for 5! This time around I just figured I was gonna need them 🙂

  1. 100! WOW! I was never able to keep buying a supply of them.. I always thought- well I will get pregnant this month and not need them anymore so I won’t buy any- and then the next month I would have to go to the pharmacy and buy the expensive digital ones again that month. Once we started doing the IUIs.. I stopped doing temps and any OPKs because everything is managed by the meds and the nurses…

    Have fun peeing.. I guess… LOL HUGS!! I know this is so difficult!

    • I used to do that each month too, but now I’ve decided to take the opposite approach. If I stock up on opks and tests and end up not needing them, I probably won’t mind too much ;-). And if I do use them all, I’ll feel better for having saved money by buying in bulk! Win win!

  2. lol – I bought a pack of 100 cheapie OPKs last cycle too to double check the fertility monitor that I also just spend a bag of money on. Maybe there’s something to be said about gearing up for the long haul!!

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