New Design Goes Live

OK, I think it’s pretty much stable enough to release to the world – here’s what I’ve been beavering away at for the last couple of weeks.

1) I have checked this in Opera, IE and Firefox, and it’s the same in all three (give or take a pixel or two).
If you’re using something else and it looks like a dogs dinner please drop me note, or leave a comment to let me know.

It’s validated!
2) I haven’t validated any of it.
It’s full of errors I know. I’ll be doing this over the next 24 hours.

3) The Photo Vault is all over the floor.
I’ll tidy this up too, but in the meantime…. try not to look at it :-) .

The rest should be OK. If you have any suggestions, spot any errors, or just want to say what you think, please leave a comment, it is much appreciated!



2 thoughts on “New Design Goes Live”

  1. Looks good 🙂 The main problem I had with mine was to do with validating a stylesheet that was provided with one of the wordpress plugins I use (falbum) typical huh? Now I just have to get the thing to do what I want properly and I am there too. I just need to resist the urge to fiddle some more after that. (Bad Nicky!)

  2. Style-sheet validation… it starts to become an obsession doesn’t it? I’ve still got a load of warnings about color and background color, but I’m not even going to go there until the dust has settled and I’ve stopped my photo vault looking like a technicolor chess board.

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