New Design Almost Complete

Steve and I watched a couple of episodes of Scrubs last night (is this the best hospital show ever, or what?), and then I spent half an hour fretting about the fish not being happy (Bert looks fed up), and worrying that they wouldn’t last another two weeks until we can move them into their new home. I checked them again this morning, and Ernie seems back to his normal self after the move from Mum’s, but Bert still looks a bit miffed. Poor Bert. He’s really too big to be in that little tank now.

After that I did a couple of hours work on the new site design. It’s pretty much finalised, I’ve just got to add the finishing touches, do a bit of tidying up, validate everything and make sure the layout looks OK in a couple more browsers. I’m hoping to get the new design online by the end of next week at the latest. Exciting eh? Hope y’all like it. No sneak previews though, you’re just going to have to wait.

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