New Cycle New Start

Strictly speaking I’m still not actually out of my last crazy cycle yet CD1 at last!

I’ve been spotting for four days (!). It started on the day AF would have been due if I hadn’t had delayed ovulation. And I still haven’t had any proper flow, even though my temperature has been low for two days now (yup, I even did a pregnancy test just in case. Of course it was a BFN).

So while I wait for AF to arrive properly, I’m thinking about this next cycle and how it’s going to be a really good shot at getting pregnant. This month it’ll hopefully be a baby at the end and not a period 🙂

Apparently it takes 3-4 months to improve the quality of your eggs.

I cut out pretty much all alcohol just after Christmas, caffeine in early February and have massively cut down my sugar intake this year (with a couple of blips that hopefully won’t have been too damaging). On top of that I’m almost at the end of my fifth week of “more raw”, so my diet has been better than any other point in my life.

That’s four and a half months in total of positive changes and I’ve noticed each month that my whole cycle has gotten less painful, my temperatures more consistent, and my thermal shift more distinct.

My last cycle was a mess because of the flaxseed, but still showed a great thermal shift and nice high, level temperatures after ovulation. And in my last cycle, for the first time since our post-miscarriage-trying I got proper, full-on, textbook ewcm. Yay!

So this month I am really hoping for it to all come together.

The one thing I really do need to focus on this month though is:


It’s such a hard thing for me to manage.

My stress levels seems to have naturally improved through better diet and cutting out caffeine and alcohol, but I still find that most days I get really wound up about the state of the house and the endless, endless demands of two small children.

So, my plan to deal with this is to:

  • try to put things back and put things away soon after using them, instead of always saving everything up for a massive clear-up every 10 days or so
  • keep surfaces clear (this alone massively changes the way the house looks)
  • do some more work on simplifying and minimalising, which I have neglected for a while now
  • find a relaxation or meditation recording to listen to daily (any recommendations?)
  • slow down. children make it impossible to rush anything
  • count to 10 and take a deep breath every time the children fight/destroy something/scream and wail/behave in a way that makes me want to run and hide

I am going to stay as calm and serene as possible, nourish my body, calm my mind and focus on having a great four weeks.

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