Need for Speed

I’ve been quiet this week, not doing much, mostly working away, and in the evenings just setting up MY NEW COMPUTER!!!!!! Yes folks, I finally crumbled and after feeling totally fed up with 3 computers which aren’t quite what I want (and are v old and/or borrowed), files all over the place, and nowhere safe to put them, I went down to Novatech and bought the bits for a machine with all the bells and whistles. Pentium 4, 2MB cache processor, 1GB Ram, brand new ASUS motherboard, 160GB SATA drive, firewire card (for video editing, yay!), DVD writer and Radeon Sapphire super-duper graphics card.

Ahhhh such luxury. I put it all together and it’s so fast. It’s so lovely.

Have also been looking at Celestia a lot. A work colleague has it on their computer, and it is great. I downloaded it last night and went on a tour round the milky way. Before you even think it, I am not one of those astrology fanatics, so don’t imagine it’s only for geeks. It’s cool – it’s like Google Earth, but for the universe. And on my new computer they are both amazing!!!

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